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Constance Christmas Market Tour

Weihnachtsmarkt Konstanz

Each year during the Holiday season, the traditional Christmas Market in the city of Constance – just across the lake from Hotel Seehof – is among the most charming and exciting of experiences in the area.

Perhaps Germany’s most beautiful Christmas Market

The Constance Christmas Market is renowned for its tradition and awe-inspiring sights across all of Europe. It’s located right in the middle of the historical city center and extends all the way to the harbor by the lake. You will be wandering and shopping in and around beautifully decorated old buildings… with a mesmerizing scent of fresh gingerbread and hot wine punch in the air, among the unique panorama of the Alps, directly by the shore of the lake with all its glittering lights… this is one experience you will never forget!

The ferry tour starts at Hotel Seehof

Constance, and its Christmas Market, is located a very pleasant 20-minute ferry ride away from the hotel. If you decide to take the organized tour on one of the four Saturdays in December, you’ll board the ship right in front of the hotel, to be greeted by a friendly crew and a nice surprise. After arriving in Constance, you’ll go shopping and exploring the romantic city, after which we recommend that you spend some time on the actual Christmas Market. You may even deposit your Christmas shopping spoils on the ship during your visit – so they won’t be in the way as you explore the market’s 170+ stands and booths.

A very special Christmas adventure!

For more information, and to make reservations, please contact us early, as tickets are limited and usually sell out fast.

Photo: MTK/Achim Mende